About Koizumi band “Wadaiko drums”


فرقة كويزومي

[Artists Profile]

Kenichi Koizumi

(Wadaiko: Japanese drums)

Kenichi Koizumi started learning Wadaiko (Japanese drums) from a young age and started full-fledged drum-related activities from the age of 18. From that time he studied under Eitetsu Hayashi, the leading Wadaiko performer and in 1999 he became a member of Eitetsu Fuun no Kai, a performance produced by Hayashi himself. In 2003 he travelled to Australia to study music, where he participated in the Wadaiko group TAIKOZ, which is based in Sydney. While in Australia he was able to gather various new experiences, including performing in a domestic touring orchestra and also holding solo concerts, in addition to TAIKOZ, which provided opportunities to learn various forms of musical expression. After returning to Japan he started his solo career in earnest, launching his first album, SAMURAI. He has also collaborated on recording with Tsugaru Shamisen player Hiromitsu Agatsuma and engaged in nationwide tours. He also appeared on the Yoshida Brothers national tour. In recent years he is also concentrating on holding workshops and providing compositions for drumming groups. He continues to perform together with a wide range of other artists and is active both in Japan and overseas.


Naomi Koizumi

(Shinobue: Japanese flute)

From the age of three, Naomi Koizumi started to receive aural training, beginning with lessons on the electric organ. In 1985 she joined the Wadaiko group WAKKO in Yawata City, Kyoto Prefecture, as one of its founding members. She also started to learn the Shinobue (high-pitched Japanese transverse bamboo flute) during the course of her performances. From 1995 she studied the Shinobue and Ryuteki (medium-pitched Japanese transverse bamboo flute) under Kourei Deguchi, a master of both these instruments. From 2000 she studied the Nohkan (high-pitched Japanese bamboo transverse flute or Fue, or Noh flute) under Ryo Noguchi, a Noh flute player of the Morita School. In 2014 she joined the ASKA Japanese Drum Troupe on a nationwide tour of Russia. She is currently based in Japan, where her activities are concentrated on Tokyo and Kyoto, but she also performs around the country and also in Europe and Asia. She has produced a CD series entitled The Flower of Sounds, which features well-loved compositions together with original works performed on the Shinobue as well as other Japanese and Western instruments such as the Shakuhachi, Koto and piano. She also teaches in both the Kansai and Kanto regions and provides compositions for shrine rituals and ceremonies in the Kansai region.



(Wadaiko: Japanese drums, and dance)

KEIKO started learning classical ballet from the age of four and first encountered Wadaiko at the age of 17. In 2000 she took her first steps on the stage at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre. In the same year she started to learn Japanese dance and sought to develop her own unique performance technique that incorporates dance movements. From 2002 she performed around Tokyo, mainly at live music clubs. She has performed solo and also worked in collaboration with a variety of performers. Her performances have won plaudits at all events. From 2006 she started performances at schools and day-care facilities, demonstrating the modern forms of musical expression that can be achieved by using traditional Japanese performing arts and instruments. Her friendly and approachable performances make it easy for children to understand the appeal of Wadaiko. In recent years she has formed a Japanese drumming group for children and is concentrating her efforts on teaching the next generation of performers. She is also active in workshops and performances in various regions around the country.